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This is our Privacy and Safety Policy - please read it and if you have questions, contact us here.

We respect your rights to Internet Privacy and Security. As such we have a simple policy regarding your data and your visits to our website - here it is:


We do not record any personal data from your visits to our website other than that which you willingly provide. The information you willingly provide might include –

  • Your Blogging name should you choose to contribute to our blog
  • Your blogging email address should you choose to supply it when you post on our blog (optional).
  • Your name and email address should you choose to subscribe to our newsletter.

Aside from the above we use Google Analytics to collect generic data on browsing habits. This helps us know how people found us, what kind of information they’re looking for and how long they spend at our website. This is generic data and it doesn’t include specific information about YOU other than your IP address, which helps us know whether you’re in Timbuktu or a suburb of D.C. Cookies are used by pretty much every website, including ours, to help retrieve analytics data. You can delete your cookies easily through your browser settings.

Forms / Email / Data

If you join our newsletter list or any other subscription service on our website then we’re going to send you an occasional update, but you may unsubscribe easily at any time.

We do not share emails or contacts nor do we sell them to any other party.

For Information and Entertainment Only

The information on this website is for entertainment purposes only and we suggest that you don’t try to emulate any of the antics you might read about here. Our author is a trained professional and is built like a brick shithouse so he’s impervious to any physical knocks and bumps etc, particularly those received to the head. Most normal people are not, so don’t try to copy what he does. Notice that I said ‘normal’, which by inference might suggest to you that the author of this website is ‘abnormal’, and he is, so be concerned, be very concerned.


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