Fat Bike Bling Without Kerching

Since I needed to get new riser bars, a stem, pedals and a seat, I thought I might as well get stuff that adds a bit of bling to the bike. I mean, it’s all about the way that it looks, right?

So I figured that the red spokes needed to be set off a bit more, so I got everything in red. Not quite matching reds but close enough. This time next year when it’s all rusted out the subtle shade variations won’t be so noticeable.

Also, I got most of the stuff from www.chainreactioncycles.com

I had a pleasant surprise with this company. First off, they had a lot of stuff on sale, as all the online outlets do this time of year, and they also had free shipping. So I ordered my swag on Sunday night. When I got up Monday morning I had a shipment confirmation email in my inbox. That seemed odd. Who the heck gets an order packed and shipped by 7am on a Monday morning?

I then noticed that it shipped DHL International. Crap! I didn’t notice this wasn’t a US based company. Their prices were all in dollars and the shipping was free, so there was nothing to suggest that it was overseas.

So I resigned myself to having to wait a week or more for the stuff to get here. Surprise surprise…it turned up on Thursday morning from Dublin, Ireland. Bloody hell fire, I run a mail-order business and ship a lot of stuff from WI to the east and west coasts and it takes longer than that via USPS.


Anyway, the bling box –

fat bike handlebars

And the bike, post-bling makeover

fat bike 4




It feels great with the new bars and stem. The bars are wider so it helps with the self-steer, although it’s bugger getting it out of the house!

Mountain Biking Champs of EuropeThe shorter stem works well, too. I’ve gone through and reset the seat height and for/aft to suit the new gear and the ride feels a lot less stretched-out and a lot more comfortable. All of which is secondary, ‘cos I like the way it looks. It has a MUFC feel to it.

So a heads-up for Chain Reaction in Dublin - good prices, free shipping and fast International delivery.


  1. Flat bars and long stems is where it’s at.

  2. Nah…I couldn’t lean over that far…had to slide the seat all the ways forrards to reach the feckin grips….

    Just fitted those clip in thangs on the other bike. How the heck are you supposed to clip-in?? By the time I get both feet clipped in I’m at the next stop sign and I gotta clip out right away. Bloody pain in the rear this is..

    I think I should just stay ‘old school’..

  3. It takes practice. I Linda can do it and like it you can to.

  4. Had a ride around earlier and it feels OK. Yeah, getting in and out will take some practice.

    Only downside I can see is that my feet got numb and cold…

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