Daily Travails

It’s all about the suffering..

Jan 22 Ride at Newport State Park

I loaded up the SUV and hauled the fattie up to Newport Park, a 45 minute drive versus the 10 minutes it takes me to hit Peninsula.
I kinda like Newport. It’s Door County’s armpit and I rarely see people up there….

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Fat Tire Bikes in Snow.

A year ago had you asked me to describe snow I would’ve said it’s cold and white and gets in the top of your slippers when you’re taking the garbage out to the pavement. But it turns out that there’s a lot more to snow than meets the eye……

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The Joys of Winter Cycling…

I ride my bike in the winter not to stand-out and impress those around me, but to perpetuate my own internal suffering. Take Sunday, for example. We’ve had some cold and snow over the past couple weeks, but Sunday was forecast to be dry and a little warmer than average. So I set out on a road ride around noon……

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