Took a drive over to Nor Door Sports today and had a good chat with the guy about bikes, sizing, component quality and various other important bike-related matters.

He was really helpful and told me to avoid entry level Shimano Derailleurs and pitch in at least a couple rungs up the ladder. That puts the price point of my entry level bike at around $1200 - $1400 depending on the type of bike.

He seemed to endorse where I’m at with my thought process and agreed that a Cyclocross bike should do what I need. Of course they don’t have a CX bike, nothing on the floor, hence nothing on sale, therefore I’m stuck with paying full retail for a bike out of the catalog. Not really thrilled about that.

So to cover all my bases, as I like to do, I called in at the YMCA in Fish Creek today to checkout membership rates. If I can’t ride outdoors maybe I can take a spinning class. So long as it doesn’t clash with my weaving, bridge and canasta nights.

The lady on the desk at the Fish Creek YMCA was obviously quite new and wanted to give me the standard spiel, even though I just wanted the prices.

At the end of the ‘presentation’, and even though I’d told her I lived in town, she consulted her mental prompt sheet and asked: “and how did you hear about the YMCA?”.

Of course there’s only one answer and I couldn’t resist it.

Fish Creek WI YMCA - made famous by The Village People